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Who wants a liver transplant donation?

Here are some of the most frequent causes of a liver transplant:

Chronic Viral Hepatitis B, C, D

Autoimmune Hepatitis

It begins to injure the liver cells and that results in end stage liver disease, liver cirrhosis and scarring. This disorder is not caused by a virus.

Laennec Cirrhosis

Laennec cirrhosis is Due to excessive alcohol’s effects. Alcohol abuse may cause damage to the liver that is one of the causes for liver transplant.

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Fat accumulation in this disorder is caused by the liver bashir dawood it is said that alcohol is the source of a liver but this problem can be seen in patients with obesity and diabetes. This condition can lead to liver cirrhosis.

Cryptogenic Cirrhosis

Sometimes the liver Develops cirrhosis for no apparent reason like alcohol abuse or viral disease etc… This is known as cirrhosis.

Biliary Cirrhosis

Is a blockage in the bile duct? The liver produces bile that flows into the gall bladder out of the bile duct. From here it is released to the intestine and assists in digesting fats. All of the bile that is produced accumulates in the liver and causes and finally loss of liver function, after the bile duct is blocked.

Primary Sclerosant Cholangitis

In this disease, the Bile duct becomes damaged by inflammation. This leads to scarring cause’s obstruction and which narrows the bile duct.

Caroli’s Disease

The bile ducts become dilated and contribute to the formation of sacks or cysts. This causes obstruction and disease of the bile ducts.

Choledochal Cyst

This is a congenital disorder. There is a cyst formed because of a bile duct that was faulty.

Active Liver Failure

People suffering from severe liver failure due to other reasons like viral disease, fatty liver, etc. can experience liver transplant operation.

Toxic Exposures

Exposure to certain Herbicides, pesticides, lead, asbestos and other pollutants may be a liver disease’s source.

Hepatic tumors

Tumors that spread Considerable damage can be caused by either from the ones that grow or other areas of the body to this organ. This was a wide Discussion of the conditions that could cause a liver transplant. Not limited to those, there are lots of conditions which may be treated at the centre for a liver transplant. Reasons could include injury from glycogen storage disease, accidents and a lot more.