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A collection of classic cameras

Hello and welcome to the world of antique and classic camera collection! I have been collecting cameras for over 30 years now. Of a particular interest to me are the fine wooden field and studio cameras of the late 19th Century. Then, like many of us in this fabulous field, I cannot resist the temptation of acquiring an interesting piece that I may have the chance to come across, even if it is not in the scope of my collection

This site is an attempt to share the passion of camera collection with you. And I hope this may represent a humble contribution to maintaining the memory of these fine objects that have become so much part of our daily lives, alive.

In these pages, I propose some information about antique and classic camera collection , and some advice to those of you interested in this fascinating hobby. You can also find  a bibliography and contact information of magazines on camera collection, dates of the next interesting camera show and, of course, pictures and description of some of the nice items I have in my collection. Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss camera collection, exchange etc..

I hope you will enjoy your visit. Bienvenue!

Site updated on October 23, 2006

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