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How to Protect Against a Pornographic Virus Alert?

Viruses and other malicious PC threats can easily infect our computer systems. How to Safeguard Your Computer from Viruses?

  1. Never open the attachment in the unknown email or unexpected email, even if the attachment appears to be a.jpg picture file. This is because Windows let users add several suffixes on the document name, while many email programs usually display the initial suffix only. By way of instance, if you find an attachment called wow.jpg, its entire name really is wow.jpg.vbs. Thus, to start this attachment will bring about the functioning of a malicious VBScript virus.
  2. Before you add a floppy Disc, CD-ROMs and other removable media, make sure they have been scanned for viruses. And, ensure that your computer can automatically check for viruses if the removable media inserts or mails and network file are obtained.
  3. Guard against fraudulent virus. If you get an email from your friend which claims that there is a most deadly new virus and asks you to forward this warning email to all of your friends. This might be a pornographic virus alert from microsoft. You are proposed to turn to the antivirus software vendors, such as Symantec’s site, to confirm that the claim.
  4. Use other forms of Files, such as.rtf Rich Text Format and.pdf Portable Document Format. Common macro viruses spread through Microsoft Office programs. Consequently, the use of those files types will diminish the chance of being infected by viruses. Attempt to use Rich Text to store your documents. This does not necessarily mean simply use.rtf suffix in the file name, but in Microsoft Word use Save as command and from the dialog box select Rich Text format to store the document. Although Rich Text Format may contain embedded objects, it does not support Visual Basic Macros or Jscript. The puff file is not simply a sort of format available in several programs, but also more secure.
  5. Use the client-based firewall or filtration solution. If you are using the World Wide Web, especially the broadband, and you are always online, then it is extremely essential to use a personal firewall to protect your privacy and to protect against the sudden visitors to access your system. If your system does not have an additional security that is effective, your home address, credit card number and other personal information could be stolen.
  6. If there are share files set with complete access by consumers in the local area network, viruses can very easily come in. This also brings the regular access of the infected computer to the share documents, and leads to network congestion. In terms of Fox mail, please visit Account Properties – Fonts and View – select Embed Internet Explorer to view HTML message.