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A Comprehensive Look in the Weber Portable Gas Grill

The Weber Q100 is one of the bestselling portable grill models, and is arguably the first choice of those new to grilling. It is a gas grill that provides a creditable performance, even for those completely uninitiated into the art of grilling. It is fairly small and light, and is even lighter in your wallet. First, let us take a look at the technical specifications. Small in size, the Weber Q100 measures 16 x 27 x 23.5 inches. The cooking area is 189 sq Inches – perfect for an evening cookout with a small set of friends. The burner is constructed from stainless steel and provides 8,500 BTU-per-hour of warmth. It weighs in at a meagre 29 lbs, which makes it perfect for portable use.

The Q100 is often called a ‘tabletop’ grill due to its small size and light weight. Still, the functionality it provides can make even a few of those so-called heavy duty grills blush. The push-button ignition works great and the heat is easily adjusted through the adjustable regulator valve. Do not allow the light weight fool you however: its frame is made from glass reinforced nylon, and the grill body itself is made from cast iron. A cast aluminium lid with a weather resistant handle completes the whole package. It functions on a 14 ounce propane tank.

Stainless Steel Grilling

The first concern had with the Weber Q100 was that the heat supply, thinking about the fact that I am used to working with much stronger grills. Steaks especially need high temperatures to be seared efficiently. At first glance, the 8,500 BTU-per-hour of warmth might appear inadequate, but Weber has squeezed every ounce of heating power from this grill. Weber premium The final result is that the Q100 is amazingly hot and very capable of grilling or searing just about any meat. The heat conductive cast iron grate definitely helps in this regard.

Another drawback with a low power grill like the Weber Q100 is that indirect cooking is not possible. Even so, this grill works great if you would like something for mobile use, or if you are completely new to grilling. It does not have all the bells and whistles of its much bigger cousins – the Q300 and Q320 – but for a novice, it Isa excellent starter grill.

  • Small size, light weight
  • Powerful enough to sear beef readily
  • Adequately large grilling area
  • Cast iron frame, powerful frame; total sturdy construction
  • Excellent Weber customer support
  • Great for beginners
  • Low cost
  • Effortlessly Simple assembly

Total, the Weber Q100 is an ideal grill for an outdoor family holiday, or for beginners who are new to grilling. It is small in size and light in weight, yet does not compromise on the operation.