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Give a treat to yourself with our best Asian food recipes

If you are looking for some amazing Asian food recipes then you are at the right place. Here at Asian food channel, we serve you with the best Asian food recipes to give your taste buds an unforgettable experience. We will be telling you about some amazing Asian recipes which you can make in very less time and are damn delicious. Like our buttermilk chicken recipe which you can easily make in just 30 mins. Or our hargao recipe which can be made easily in 45 mins, salted egg chicken in 15 minutes and Chinese style scrambled eggs with tomato that also in 15 minutes.

Asian food recipes

In all our recipes we have taken those ingredients which are easily available in the market so that you don’t face any problems while following our recipes. We have covered almost all the popular dishes from all throughout Asia and presented them here.

If you are looking some healthy eats we have healthy spiced quinoa bowl which you can easily make in 35 minutes, miso salmon which can be made in 40 minutes, chocolate chia pudding which can be made in 10 minutes and spicy cauliflower fried rice which you can make in 30 minutes. All these options are from the top of our healthy eats.

There are some delicious recipes also if you want to be quick. The very first recipe is spicy red chicken, nasi goring kampong, Kang kong sambal belacan, and mee Kari. Get all the delicious Asian food recepies on our website and gives your tastebuds a treat.