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Who am I?

    My name is Jean-Pierre, and I am passionate of photography since I was a child I was lucky to find a wet plate collodion wooden camera in the flea market in Paris "Puces de Clignancourt" when I was 12 years old. With 10 Francs from the old times, I bought this camera, which became the first piece of my collection.

    Since then, I continue to intensively practice my hobby and I continue to grow my collection. of classic wooden cameras from the 19th century.

    Rather than leaving these cameras on a shelf, I decided to expose them on the web, in order to share my passion with many other people.


qui suis-je: Une passion pour la collection d’appareils photo


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Don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail and tell me about your informations or suggestions about this site and/or camera collecting..

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