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How to start an antique or classic camera collection:

To start an antique or classic camera collection, go to a camera fairs. You will find on this site the dates and schedule of the next camera fairs in France. I would advice you to go there early morning, as after 10 or 11am, all the interesting and nice pieces are already sold. Usually the camera fairs start around 9am. You have to pay for the entrance (a few euros) but some of them are free ( Chelles, Bievres, Cormeilles en Parisis )

An advice for beginners: decide of the theme of your collection first, and try to stick to your decision. Collecting cameras is a very wide domain, and you could easily be very defocused. Another basic rule is to be very hard, or even uncompromising on quality: A camera in poor condition is a bad investment, and the time will come when you will decide to sell it, wich will then be very hard.

On this site you can also refer to the page on books on antique and classic camera collection, or the page on magazines, or also the page on advice: how to chose an antique or classic camera.

Be careful: you cameras may take a lot of room in your home: if you don't expose them, but you keep them into boxes or drawers, it will become very frustrating. On the other hand, if you expose them in every room in your home, it will become invasive, and you may get some trouble with your family. So keep reasonable.

Just a suggestion: maybe you could expose them on the web..


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