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The are several french langage magazines that are useful to antique and classic camera collectors.

Cyclope :

Published every two month and dedicated to antique and classic camera collectors.
This magazine is superb and totally focused on camera collecting and collectors. It is realized with outstanding quality. It is obvious that this magazine is targeted for uncompromizing collectors who expect a perfect presentation, along with high quality articles, and a lot of content. This magazine is available on subscription, and at many camera dealers, but you can't find it at newspaper dealers.

30140 MIALET

L'Occasion Photo-Cine-Video-Pixels:

This magazine publishes every two month a list of second hand and collectible cameras and pieces, offered by professional dealers. You will also find a schedule of the next camera fairs in France and in western Europe. It is distrubuted by newspaper dealers in France. The publisher is the same as Cyclope :

Katar Press
BP 1
30140 MIALET France

Cyclope has a web site, which offers many books on photography and classic camera collection :

Chasseur d'Images:

This non-specialized magazine is dedicated to photography, and contemporary cameras. This is a good choice for all the passionates of photography. This magazine also publish periodically an evaluation of  second hand cameras, with the help of "La Fnac". It is published monthly Available at newspaper dealers in France.

This magazine has a web site :

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