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French langage collector's sites:

Le Vieil Album

Collection of classic cameras, with their history, and a lot of useful informations. French langage.

Les appareils photo oubliés

The collection of classic cameras of Mario Groleau, most of them from 1930 to 1970. French langage.

Antic photo

Advertisements, virtual museum, books, camera fairs, all the world of classic camera is on this site. French langage.

Lumieres en boite

Photographs and classic cameras collection by Vincent Becker. French langage.

Clic Clac

Camera collection. French langage.

Entrez ... sans frapper

Sylvain Hagland's collection, with a forum and advertisements. A very nice site. French langage.

Phot Antik new!

A private collection, with some interesting postcards  on photography. French langage.

Collection de C@mer@s

A private collector site of all kinds of cameras. Bilingual site, French and English.

Declic Jaune new!

A french site dedicated to Kodak cameras and accessories.


The french version of this site !

35mm-compact new!

A collection of  vintage compact cameras from the 70s - descriptions, spécifications, photos..

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