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The camera fairs in 2003

In Europe and in France, there is a lot of passionate collectors of antique and classic cameras. Many camera fairs are organized, where camera collectors from all over Europe meet.

Visit these camera fairs, you will find extraordinary items. You may buy there a piece of history of photography, which will occupy a place of honour in your living room or in a glass cabinet. You will find here some advice on camera fairs and on antique and classic camera collection.. Be careful, some of the camera fairs could be cancelled at the very last moment

Tell me the dates of your camera fairs in Europe, and I will publish them on this site.


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Camera fairs in 2003 in France :

Paris : Photo Antica : Sunday 19th January 2003 over!

Nimes : Le 17ème Salon de Nimes: Sunday 2nd March 2003 over!

Chelles : Sunday16th March 2003 over!

Vienne : The 21st forum: Sunday 30th March 2003 over!

Varades : The 8th camera fair: Sunday 27th April 2003 .over!

Soultz : The 13th camera fair: Saturday 3rd May 2003 over!

Esvres sur Indre :The 6th market: Sunday 18th May 2003 over!

Bievres : The biggest camera fair for collectors in Europe: Sunday 1st June 2003 over!

Rouen : The 13th Retrophoto: Sunday 7th September 2003 over!

Charleville-Mezieres : The Photo Cine camera fair : Sunday 14th September, 2003 at Place Ducale over!

Lormes (58): The 5th camera fair: Sunday 28th September 2003 over!

Reims : The 4th camera fair of Reims Cormontreuil : Sunday October 26th from 10.00 to 19.00

Strasbourg : The 16th camera fair: Sunday 2nd November 2003

Montpellier: The 1st camera fair of Montpellier will be on Sunday 9th November, 2003 from 9.00 to 18.00

Chatonnay in Isère on Sunday 9th November 2003

Bon-Encontre :The 9th camera fair will be on Sunday 9th November, 2003

Fleury-Merogis : The 5th camera fair: Tuesday 11th November 2003

Cormeilles en Parisis : The 17th camera fair is scheduled on Sunday 16 november 2003

Drancy : 2nd camera fair: Sunday 23rd November 2003


Camera fairs in 2004 in France

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