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Here are some books that will help you identify cameras and periods:

150 ans d'appareils photographiques a travers la collection Michel Auer
Editions Camera Obscura – 1989 - Suisse

Histoire Illustree des Appareils Photographiques
De Michel Auer
Chez Edita Denoel – 1975 – Suisse

Camera Obscuras
Photographic Cameras 1840-1940

National Museim of Thechnology Prague – 1982

McKeown's Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras 2001-2002
Edited by James and Joan McKeown
11th edition – USA
It is a huge book which contains the price of all the listed cameras

Histoire de la Photographie
Camfiels et Deirdre Wills
Editions Princesse – 1980 Paris

Appareils Photo - Kate Rouse
Books & Co. – 1999 – Paris

L'Appareil Photo – Une Histoire Illustree
Brian W. Coe
1978 – A.B. Nordbok

150 Classic Cameras
Paul Henry van Hasbroeck
Sotheby's Publications – 1989 – UK

Histoire de la Camera Cine Amateur
Michel Auer et Mich่le Ory
Les Editions de l'Amateur – Paris
Editions Big S.A., Gen่ve – 1979

Johann Willsberger
Orbis Verlag – 1988 – Munchen

Le Livre-Guide des Appareils Photo Anciens
Michel Auer
Editions Camera Obscura – 1990 – Suisse

Index and price 2003 – 2005 for the 7000 cameras of the guide
Editions Fr้d้ric Hoch - 2003

Les Appareils Photographiques Fran็ais
J.P. Francesch – M. Bovis – J. Boucher
Maeght Editeur – 1993

Le Premier Siecle de la Photographie
Brian Coe
Edita S.A. Lausanne 1977 – Suisse

Historische Kameras
Kleffe Langner
Editions Veb Fotokinoverlag Leipzig – 1989

Photography's Beginnings
A Visual History
John B. Cameron et WM. B. Becker
Oakland University – 1989

British Cameramakers
Norman Channing and Mike Dunn
Parkland Design England – 1996

Le Manufrance du Collectionneur
Titre VI: La Photo
Editions du Pecari

Von Daguerre bis Heute
H. D. Habring en 4 volumes

The History of Photography
as seen through the Spira collection

My collection
Wooden cameras (1)
Wooden cameras (2)
Studio cameras
Folding cameras
 Detectives Reflex and Jumelles
Movie cameras

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